Client TestimonialsWe've earned their trust and we are so grateful

Worldwide Entertainment Insurance has been working with our Organization for 10 years and has shown nothing but exceptional service and expertise! We know that when it comes to insurance we have 100% support 24/7. We would highly recommend Worldwide Entertainment for all insurance needs!

- Melissa Rodriguez-Anderez Venevision Productions, Finance & Administration


I think you are the best and are always looking out for us like if it was your company. The one on one service we get is old school and works so much better than all this automated stuff. I do not know what we would do if you decided to retire....Your company would be very hard to replace. To think that we have been working together now for over 18 years I think.... WOW

- Annette Fernandez, Ice Palace


Buying insurance is not difficult, even less today with all the technology at our disposal; the real challenge is being successful at buying what is really needed.

This is an extremely daunting task when it comes to a very difficult company to understand like ours, that's why we changed insurance brokers so many times and went through several others before someone referred us to Isabel...

This was back in 2007 and we haven't had the need to try out anyone else. She identified and understood the needs/risks of the business and provided us with the right vehicles to secure them.

It is easy to recommend a product or service like insurance when you haven't had the need to use it, i.e., never had a loss suffered; this is not the case with our company, we had to go through very rough times when we had a problem 3 years ago. Isabel helped us (and our attorneys) throughout the whole process, always making it easier for us to understand what was happening.

Have you ever tried to get insurance after a big loss? Isn't that what insurance policies are supposed to be for? Forget about the trauma of the loss, what we went through to get insurance after...Isabel did it again, she secured reasonable insurance for our company.

This is why we chose to stay with Isabel 7 years ago and will follow her wherever she goes...

- Bernardo Hasbach (Chief Financial Officer),


During the last 15 Years we have worked with Worldwide Entertainment Insurance, they have been more than our Insurance Broker but a Business Partner. In the complex world of the Insurance Industry their Professionalism, Dependability and Support has been outstanding. 

- Carla Hulshoff-Roche (Vice President), ROC OFF Productions, Inc.


We have been working with Isabel Tejeda since before Worldwide Entertainment Insurance was born. Isabel’s professionalism is totally outstanding, she always with a smile on her face goes beyond the call of duty even late at nights and/or weekends to make sure that her clients are well protected and taken care of, our company is full proof of that.

We only wish other companies that we deal with would conduct business like Isabel from Worldwide Entertainment Insurance does.

- Jesus G. Arango (Controller), ACT Productions, Inc.


I've been doing business with Isabel for about 16 years now, and her service is without equal. She always responds to my emergencies quickly, with good humor and a solution. 

- Carol Eannace, Collaboration


Worldwide Entertainment has outstanding customer service. Anytime I have a question, I can count on a quick, accurate and thorough response.

- Tony, Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts


 The team at Worldwide Entertainment Insurance is amazing. Isabel and Diana always provide expert advice, even on last-minute requirements for coverage on ad hoc production requirements. 

Joanna Egozcue (Controller), Elastic People


 We have been clients of Worldwide Entertainment Insurance for many years and before that a client of Isabel Tejada when she was with another firm. Isabel always provides answers to all of our questions, sound advice, and reasonable rates.. 

Caroline, Carlton Audio


 Kind, humble, effective, honest and extremely profesional what else can you expect from a real partner? 

Marcelo Paez (CEO), America Film Works


It is a pleasure working with you as well as being able to benefit from your firm experience and professional advice. We surely appreciate your knowledge!

- Amina Galdo (Office Manager), RCTV International